Olivia, <em>Gold</em>
Olivia, Gold, 170
Nuria, <em>Gold</em>
Nuria, Gold, 285
Isabel, <em>Gold-Grey pearl</em>
Isabel, Gold-Grey pearl, 250
Alice, <em>Gold-White pearl</em>
Alice, Gold-White pearl, 225
Pilar, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Pilar, Gold-Coral, 240
Dilara, <em>Gold</em>
Dilara, Gold, 775
Dunia, <em>Gold</em>
Dunia, Gold, 380
Vera, <em>Gold</em>
Vera, Gold, 385
Vera, <em>Gold</em>
Vera, Gold, 385
Chiaki, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Chiaki, Gold-Coral, 330
Andrea, <em>Gold</em>
Andrea, Gold, 365
Sandra, <em>Gold-Magnolia</em>
Sandra, Gold-Magnolia, 80
Lara, <em>Gold</em>
Lara, Gold, 770
Sarah, <em>Gold</em>
Sarah, Gold, 155
Teresa, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Teresa, Gold-Coral, 300
Maya, <em>Gold</em>
Maya, Gold, 125
Eva, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Eva, Gold-Coral, 230
Naomi, <em>Gold</em>
Naomi, Gold, 270
Flavia, <em>Gold-Blue</em>
Flavia, Gold-Blue, 235
Yoko, <em>Gold</em>
Yoko, Gold, 575
Sabine, <em>Gold</em>
Sabine, Gold, 435
Erika, <em>Gold</em>
Erika, Gold, 120
Sandra, <em>Gold-Red</em>
Sandra, Gold-Red, 80
Marta, <em>Gold</em>
Marta, Gold, 120
Rosa, <em>Gold</em>
Rosa, Gold, 370
Nisa, <em>Gold-Grey pearl</em>
Nisa, Gold-Grey pearl, 315
Beatriz, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Beatriz, Gold-Coral, 355
Carla, <em>Gold</em>
Carla, Gold, 365
Vesna, <em>Gold</em>
Vesna, Gold, 355
Vesna, <em>Gold</em>
Vesna, Gold, 355
Amelie, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Amelie, Gold-Coral, 410
Charlotte, <em>Gold</em>
Charlotte, Gold, 295
Charlotte, <em>Gold</em>
Charlotte, Gold, 295
Sandra, <em>Gold-Grey</em>
Sandra, Gold-Grey, 80
Lin, <em>Gold</em>
Lin, Gold, 195
Anissa, <em>Gold</em>
Anissa, Gold, 610
Aliki, <em>Gold</em>
Aliki, Gold, 580
Celia, <em>Gold-Blue</em>
Celia, Gold-Blue, 375
Iman, <em>Gold</em>
Iman, Gold, 250
Claudette, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Claudette, Gold-Coral, 320
Dorotea, <em>Gold</em>
Dorotea, Gold, 105
Kristine, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Kristine, Gold-Coral, 275
Isabel, <em>Gold-White pearl</em>
Isabel, Gold-White pearl, 250
Julieta, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Julieta, Gold-Coral, 345
Helena, <em>Gold</em>
Helena, Gold, 935
Helena, <em>Gold</em>
Helena, Gold, 935
Akiko, <em>Gold</em>
Akiko, Gold, 435
Natasha, <em>Gold-Grey pearl</em>
Natasha, Gold-Grey pearl, 145
Carol, <em>Gold-Grey pearl</em>
Carol, Gold-Grey pearl, 350
Fayna, <em>Gold</em>
Fayna, Gold, 270
Candela, <em>Gold</em>
Candela, Gold, 220
Candela, <em>Gold</em>
Candela, Gold, 220
Ella, <em>Gold</em>
Ella, Gold, 255
Carol, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Carol, Gold-Coral, 350
Antia, <em>Gold</em>
Antia, Gold, 450
Paula, <em>Gold</em>
Paula, Gold, 255
Karen, 310
Frida, <em>Gold-Grey pearl</em>
Frida, Gold-Grey pearl, 125
Isabel, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Isabel, Gold-Coral, 250
Frida, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Frida, Gold-Coral, 125
Maia, <em>Gold</em>
Maia, Gold, 155
Inga, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Inga, Gold-Coral, 140
Stephanie, <em>Gold</em>
Stephanie, Gold, 105
Marre, <em>Gold</em>
Marre, Gold, 480
Adriana, <em>Gold</em>
Adriana, Gold, 670
Mar, <em>Gold</em>
Mar, Gold, 300
May, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
May, Gold-Coral, 175
Fiona, <em>Gold</em>
Fiona, Gold, 255

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    image description
    Size guide for rings
    EU USA UK Circumference Diameter
    10 5 1/4 K 50 mm 15.92mm
    11 5 3/4 L 51 mm 16.23mm
    12 6 M 52 mm 16.55mm
    13 6 1/2 N 53 mm 16.87mm
    14 7 O 54 mm 17.19mm
    15 7 1/2 P 55 mm 17.51mm
    16 7 3/4 P 1/2 56 mm 17.83mm
    EU USA UK  Circumference Diameter
    17 81/4 P1/2 57 mm 18.14mm
    18 81/4 Q1/2 58 mm 18.46mm
    19 87/8 R 59 mm 18.78mm
    20 691/8 S 60 mm 19.10mm
    21 94/4 S1/2 61 mm 19.42mm
    22 10 T1/2 62 mm 19.47mm
    23 101/2 U1/2 63 mm 20.05mm
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      Gold Woman



      Diameter 10.5 mm
      Width 0.7 mm – 1.1 mm